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A retrospective of the famed Beijing music venue, D-22

Editor’s note: This is another piece that was originally published on Pangbianr. The film in question details a very important period of history for Beijing music and creative scene. Many of the China related interviews and features we have included have made mention of D-22, therefore it’s seems apt to include this article and film to give context and background to many of the interesting things happening in China, that can be traced back to D-22.

5年 is a brief retrospective of D-22, a venue in Beijing that has helped to incubate some of China’s best-known indie and punk bands. Though this mini-documentary was occasioned by the 5th anniversary of D-22, it isn’t as much about the venue as the artists who have used it as a home base since it opened in May 2006.

《五年》是一个针对D22酒吧和音乐场景的简短回顾。 长期以来,作为一个聚合地,这里作为一个摇滚乐酒吧,它帮助孕育出了一群中国当今最知名的独立摇滚和朋克乐队。尽管这只是一个由D22五周年引起的迷你纪录片,当然还不足以全面地展现这个聚合地从2006年开张以来所有在此安家的乐手们,但是目前,它仍然可以作为一个诚实的见证和温暖的回顾,带给未来全新的思考和无限的可能性。

 5年 covers two Beijing music communities that D-22 has helped to create. The first is “No Beijing”, a self-selected banner adapted from the seminal No Wave compilation No New York and adopted by bands like Carsick Cars,HedgehogQueen Sea Big SharkSnapline, and The Gar to give their musical generation a name. 5年 incorporates interviews and live footage from these musicians to track D-22′s role in giving them an identity and a platform for developing and refining their sound.

《五年》覆盖了由D22协助创建的两个北京音乐阵营,对于这两个前赴后继的阵营,我们更愿意称之为一个振奋人心的接力运动。首先是“no beijing”,一个从No New York短暂的无浪潮音乐旗帜里再生出的遥远分支,历史见证了他们的狂躁与矜持,相当宝贵的是,自始至终他们保留着对前辈致敬与肢解共存的态度。Carsick Cars刺猬, 后海大鲨鱼和嘎调,他们从上世纪70年代的纽约地下汲取营养,混合昔日五道口开心乐园无政府主义的残片,在当下混沌而超验的北京,开始肆意谋划着新标语背后的故事。大多数受访者和现场音乐来自NO BEIJING的核心乐队和乐手们,我们诚实的追踪纪录他们在D22扮演的角色,《五年》的时光也让每个人给予他们自身一个全新的定义,并彻底的将D22视为传播和发展自身运动与个体转化的坚实平台。

The second portion offers a snapshot of Zoomin’ Night, a weekly experimental music showcase launched in August 2009 that takes place every Tuesday at D-22. As its organizer Zhu Wenbo notes, Zoomin’ Night is an “open stage” for mostly college-aged students to freely operate at the avant garde of Chinese music. Sometimes great, sometimes terrible, and often off-putting to the casual concert-goer, Zoomin’ Night is a true experiment — and one that is enabled by D-22′s continued mission of incubating new music regardless of possible commercial appeal.

第二个分支,是从no beijing 手中传递出的接力棒衍生出的全新阵营——燥眠夜,从2009年八月开始的一个每星期二在D22上演的实验专场。就像它的组织者朱文博说的,燥眠夜是一个开放的舞台,对所有还处在学生时代的年轻人一个自由施展的舞台,一个展现中国前卫音乐新势力的舞台。演出固然时好时坏,甚至常常出现令人不快的不靠谱玩票人士,但这也是燥眠夜的一部分,实验的初级阶段,无所顾忌的新鲜和刺激,与此同时,它也成为一个D22全新的分支,在推陈出新的另一个角落,不断地孕育出新的商业感召力

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