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Five Questions with Altar Skate Shop

Imagine 'Only Fools and Horses' with skateboards.

We gave five questions to a heavily tattoed man in the Southeast of England who sits around a park all day, selling decorated planks of wood to children. He calls this past time Altar Skate Shop.


AWEH: What's the best thing about running a skate shop out the boot of your car?

Altar: Easy, being able to go to any park or spot and sell stuff but still have a shred and meet new people!

AWEH: What's the most flattering thing a fourteen year old has ever said to you?

Altar: Haha, well the most common is “are you sponsored?”

AWEH: At one point it seemed like you had every skateboarder in the Southeast of England on your team. Who's killing it for you now?

Altar: Yer, it felt like it too. I'd love to put everyone I know on the team, but it’s hard to do that. But there’s still part of the Altar family and always want them in the videos and appreciate the support.

Questions just killed it with a rad section in the Heroin video and Louie Jones just got on Palace and I’m hyped to see more of them. Also Lucy Adams just won the unicorn jam at mile end this weekend!

They’re all amazing but at the moment i really enjoy skating and watching Lee Santer, Leo Goodhew, Luke Sherlock, Mikey Patrick, and Gilbert shred (fall over for Gilbert) .

AWEH: I know you get to watch a lot of skate videos on account of not having a real job. What are the top five skate videos of this year?

Altar: Haha, a real job. What’s that again? Gotta be Heroin’s Video Nasty ,Pretty Sweet, the Deathwish video, Death’s Ordinary Madness, and Modern Art.

AWEH: What can the world expect from Altar Skate Shop in the near future?

Altar: The near future; another wheel collab that’s in the works, more Altar T colour ways, and a few new/old brands.

Main image: Craig 'Questions' Scott by Kristijian Smok.

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