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'They wanted different things' by Noise Arcade

Noise Arcade and Rui Kimishima team up on a trippy ode to Beijing.

The music video for Noise Arcade’s ‘They wanted different things’, is a track off of the compilation called Escape Into Oblivion V.1 on United By Chaos. The video was made by Rui Kimishima. Over two years ago, Rui had talked about working on a video for Noise Arcade, but because of Rui’s incredibly busy schedule it took a little extra. However, it was more than worth the wait.

The music video for ‘They wanted different things’ features time lapses of various places around Beijing at various times of year. The city of Beijing is the main character in the video with its busy streets, architectural landscape, kites moving at a blur, and ice floating in the lake. The time lapses fall into a time loop that ends with a sun rise that matches the current transition in the track. The music in ‘They wanted different things’ slowly evolves in repetition which is matched by the visuals. Watch it and enjoy.

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